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In the Greenroom aims to be a positive, supportive and useful resource for artists, patrons and theatre enthusiasts alike. We hope to help connect the arts community and encourage its growth. We work to highlight places where theatre, art, and ideas are being promoted, nurtured and created in Toronto.



HALLIE SELINE – Co-founder & Editor in Chief

Hallie is a country bumpkin from the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec. Seeking adventure and education, she moved to la belle ville de Montreal. She then proceeded to hide away at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College for a few years to soak in a degree and diploma in Theatre & Drama Studies, enriching her love of acting. She has since made it through the haze to the bustling and wonderful artistic community of Toronto. She is a proud founding member of The Howland Company a Toronto-based artist ensemble. For inspiration, she looks to the human spirit, the quiet things that no one stops to listen to, the noise that makes beautiful music, the strength of the body and… well… glitter, for she believes it makes everything better. Oh yeah, she’s an actor.

Connect with Hallie:
twitter – @HallieSeline

Read Hallie’s work here.

Brittany Kay 1

BRITTANY KAY – Editor & Contributor

Brittany grew up just north of Toronto in suburbia where too much of her time was spent in basements and garages. She sought refuge in community theatre, where her love for the performing arts blossomed. After a childhood spent much in acting she decided to make this passion of hers into a career and grab a diploma from the Theatre and Drama Studies joint program at UTM and Sheridan College. From there she spent some time interning as the producing intern for Seventh Stage Theatre Productions, collaborating with the co-founder of this lovely operation, Miss Hallie Seline. She’s a born actress, loves teaching children, and enjoys awful TV reality shows.

Connect with Brittany:
twitter – @brittanylkay

Read Brittany’s work here.

JARED BISHOP – Contributor

Jared Bishop is an artist from Toronto, Ontario. He splits his time evenly between the theatre and the dancefloor, following passion, joy and cathartic release. You can find him on occasion behind the bar at Theatre Passe Muraille or ROUND Venue in Kensington Market. These spaces represent home for Jared where he works on re-establishing the connection between family and community. His hopes are to share with you the stories that give insight into the artists creating new work, the challenges faced when finding your voice and the healing powers of genuine creative expression.



Shaina grew up a shy, two-steppin’, book worm who dreamed of writing stories. When she realised she could tell stories by being IN them, she was hooked. She completed her BFA in Theatre Performance at York University and has since been working across Canada as an actor and singer/songwriter. Favourite roles include Juliet (Romeo & Juliet – Citadel Theatre) and Toba in Chasse Galerie (Soulpepper/Storefront Theatre) for which she was nominated for a My Theatre Award for Outstanding Performance in a Musical and was part of the original, Dora Award winning ensemble. You can find her singing her little heart out for audiences young and old with folk band Crooked House Road and solo project Ghost Caravan. She loves the rain, midnight jam sessions and tea with everything.

Connect with Shaina:
twitter – @ssilverbaird
instagram – @shainasb

Read Shaina’s work here.

BAILEY GREEN – Contributor

Bailey hails from a small town (whose name you won’t recognize) just west of Montreal. She is a graduate of John Abbott College’s Professional Theatre Acting program as well as University of Toronto and Sheridan College’s joint actor training program, Theatre and Drama Studies. Currently based in Toronto, Bailey loves exploring this beautiful city, trying new restaurants and seeing as many shows as possible. She works as an actor and writer and is also a swim instructor, yoga lover and book hoarder.

Connect with Bailey:
instagram –  @missbaileygreen

Read Bailey’s work here.


MADRYN McCABE – Contributor

Madryn is originally from the thriving metropolis of Windsor, though she’s lived in Toronto, Montreal, and now Toronto again. She has a BFA in Acting from the University of Windsor, where she solidified her love of theatre, Shakespeare and running around like a little kid in the name of art. She is a production member of Intersection Theatre, which had its successful Canadian debut at the Toronto Fringe last year. Her quest for adventure has brought her to seventeen different countries (and counting!) including Zambia, Botswana and Turkey. She’s a not so closeted geek, and will gladly debate the finer points of Star Wars, table top role playing games and Elder Scrolls video games with you.

She also loves her two cats. Like, a lot.

Read Madryn’s work here.

RYAN QUINN – Contributor 

Ryan originally hails from Moncton, New Brunswick, and is a recent graduate of the acting program at the University of Windsor. This successfully scrambled his mind about whether he wants to be an actor, writer, or director. He should probably figure that out. Either way, he made his way to Toronto to start to build a career in the theatre community. Keeping the East coast alive in his heart, he has a passion for ocean advocacy and the preservation of Atlantic fisheries. He also spent a few years in Guelph, where he gained an appreciation for hemp, beads, and Joan Baez (I say this with the utmost love, Guelphites). He spends his spare time obsessive-compulsively devouring plays and expanding his already-unreasonable music collection. He also dabbles in stand-up comedy.

Connect with Ryan:
twitter – @MrRyanQuinn

Read Ryan’s work here.

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