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Review: The Double

By: Barry Chong

Adam Poalozza’s rendition of Dostoyevsky’s The Double is a frenetic production punctuated by technical bravura and charming original music. Despite its allegiance to the towering source material (much of the dialogue is quoted verbatim), the play is full of bravely self-conscious humour, and even acknowledges its own nervous reverence of Dostoyevsky himself. But like the novella that inspired it, the theatrical Double’s brilliance lies in its ability to juggle humour with an inescapable thematic undertow of paranoia and terror.

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Where is the Love?

My dear friend Barry Chong wrote an incredible article for The Walrus Blog on Canada’s lack of compassion for Canadian artists like Jack Chambers. Click here to read the piece.

Our friends are superstars!

I wanted to write a small congratulatory blurb to my dear friends Andrea Leigh Pelletier and Barry Chong.

Barry has just written his first article for the Walrus. His response to  Toronto’s newest title as “Canada’s least-liked city” is well written, insightful and wise. Click here to read Barry’s piece. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him soon. Congrats, Barry. Well done!

Our own darling Andrea Leigh Pelletier has just been notified that her artwork will be shown at New York’s Milk Gallery next week. What an amazing opportunity! I’m not very surprised, Andrea’s work has always been beautiful and unique. Congratulations, girl! Click here to check out Andrea’s art.

What an amazing, talented group of friends I have! A girl can’t ask for much more.

– Erin