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Why not give a little Inspiration this Holiday Season?

We’ve decided to start a little something in the spirit of the giving season and see if it can grow. WE want to know what inspires YOU in your time “off-stage” or whatever that may translate to in your chosen artistic medium. We want to make a list of who is inspired by what in the hopes that we may feed each other creatively in these little creative lulls.

So here’s what you can do:

Tell us who you are  (name & profession or if you want to stay anonymous just want kind of artist you are) and what inspires you by

1 – TWEETING US! at intheGreenRoom_


3 – COMMENTING! through our posts on this website

Then… follow along though our Twitter, on Facebook, and through this Website to see who is inspired by what! And who knows… maybe you might even get a little re-inspired yourself!

Help us… share this link through Facebook, re-tweet on Twitter or email around! We want to see how far this can spread and who we can get to answer us!

Inspired yet? Why not do a little cost-effective giving to support your fellow artists this season?

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