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“How to Succeed”, the LOT & Personal Opinions about Certain Fruit: Interview with TYT’s Neil Silcox & Andrew Tribe

by: Hallie Seline

Walking into the LOT (Lower Ossington Theatre), I sat on one of the front benches to collect my thoughts before my interview with Neil Silcox and Andrew Tribe, Artistic Director and Director of Toronto Youth Theatre’s “How to Succeed in the Business (Without Really Trying)”. I took a look around. From the giant chalkboard wall with the weekly schedule scrawled on in dusty white to the handsome large rehearsal halls each dawning its own piano, the LOT feels like the theatrical space I always wanted growing up in the Quebec countryside: An entire space where young aspiring artists can be nurtured, play, make mistakes and have access to the tools it requires to develop as an artist and to essentially put on some great theatre. I get excited any time I come in contact with a youth program like TYT (Toronto Youth Theatre). And with those thoughts still lingering in my mind, I sat down with Neil and Andrew to discuss advice, inspiration, their favourite places in Toronto, the future of TYT and most importantly TYT’s current show “How to Succeed in Business (Without Really Trying)”. Oh… and we may have talked a little dinosaur/superhero action and their personal opinions about certain fruit. 

Read the interview here! 

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