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Our Favourite SummerWorks 2014 Moments

It’s that time again! Check out Our Favourite SummerWorks 2014 Moments, in no particular order, to see what performances we’ve particularly dug so far and left us feeling all of the feels. Some we’d love to see developed further and come back for a remount, others you still have a chance to catch to finish off your SummerWorks Festival weekend with a bang.

Is there a performance we’ve missed that really struck a chord with you that we should check out? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter and we’ll be sure to check it out as our final #SW14 shows! Enjoy the last weekend of SummerWorks, Friends!

Unknown Soldier – The Whole Package


Presented by lemonTree creations, Architect Theatre

Written by Jonathan Seinen,
Directed by Jonathan Seinen,
Performed by Jeff Ho,
Dramaturgy by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman,
Set and Costume Design by Jung-Hye Kim,
Lighting Design by Jennifer Lennon,
Sound Design by Thomas Ryder Payne,
Stage Managed by Marc Benson,
Produced by Georgina Beaty, Indrit Kasapi

“A fictionalized drama, Unknown Soldier is inspired by the actions of Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, a US Army Private who leaked classified documents to Wikileaks and was recently sentenced to 35 years in prison.”

Thought-provoking, funny and beautifully styled, this sharp script by Jonathan Seinen and captivating performance by Jeff Ho has definitely been a highlight of this festival. We’re hoping for a remount.

When: Sat Aug 16 5:00 PM

Where: Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace

Recurring John – Tugged on Our Heart Strings



Recurring John takes you through the life and times of John, a man whom you never meet, but who has impacted the lives of those around him. It is a contemporary song cycle that inspires you to be true yourself in every stage of your life. A story that moves you to take a critical look at your own world and ask, “am I living this life fully? Kevin Wong created an incredibly moving piece that brought the whole house into tears. Although this musical works had a very limited run, there will definitely be a future for this show.

Written by Kevin Wong,
Composed by Kevin Wong,
Directed by Jeff Madden,
Music Directed by Donavon LeNabat,
Produced by Seren Brooke Lannon,
Performed by Natasha Buckeridge, Kevin Dennis, Arlene Duncan, Alexis Gordon, Chris Tsujiuchi, Jennifer Walls, Paula Wolfson

Where: Artscape Youngplace

Trace – Part of the Piece


Trace is a mesmerizing, haunting and unique piece of theatre. The two performers, Martin Julien and Michelle Polak, are sensitive, grounded and generous as they weave in and out of storytelling and audience interaction. Intimate and captivating, the performance allows you to reflect on your own memory and engage in the memory of others. Using music, movement and a collection of memoirs, Trace forces us to confront our own ghosts.

Presented by Vertical City, A Theatre Gargantua SideStream Cycle

Directed and Co-Created by Bruce Barton
Performed and Co-Created by Martin Julien and Michelle Polak
Dramaturgy by Pil Hansen

Where: Artscape Youngplace at 180 Shaw Street.

When: Saturday August 16, 8:00pm
Saturday August 16, 10:00pm
Sunday August 17, 8:00pm

Unintentionally Depressing Children’s Tales – Remembering Magic 


“If you’re looking for a fairy tale, fable, or thinly-veiled metaphor to make you feel better about how life works sometimes…this isn’t it. But let’s pile into a blanket fort and get through it together.”

The blanket fort alone was the most magical, comforting, wonderful part of our SummerWorks. Add innovative, beautiful puppetry, charming musical transitions and smile-inducing and at times heart-breaking stories and you’ve got a truly special experience. Go early to secure a ticket as they are sold out in pre-sale tickets for the last two shows. 

Presented by Caterwaul Theatre

Written by Erin Fleck,
Directed by Maya Rabinovitch,
Puppet Design by Sarah Fairlie, Daniel Briere and Erin Fleck,
Video Art Direction by Sarah Fairlie,
Musical Direction by Brad Casey,
Set Design by Roxanne Ignatius,
Lighting Design by Pip Bradford,
Performed by Glyn Bowerman, Sascha Cole, Talia DelCogliano, Erin Fleck, Marcus Jamin, Jordi Mand, Michelle Urbano, Brian Webber

Where: Lower Ossington Theatre Studio

When: Saturday August 16, 6:00pm
Sunday August 17, 7:00pm


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