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Fringe Preview: “Ups. Downs. Keyboard. Dance. Millennials.” And more of what to expect in REGICIDE, a sketch comedy show at the 2015 TO Fringe

Interview by Shaina Silver-Baird

SSB: Can you tell us what “Regicide” means and how it affects this piece? 

Christian Smith: Yeah! Technically It means “Killing a King”. We aren’t trying to say anything by the name apart from we really loved when the Simpsons referenced it and we all thought it was a fun name. Naming a sketch comedy troupe is hard and silly. The concept of “Regicide” influenced the poster design and thus influenced some of the scenes we’ve created. We had a great designer to work with, Raul Delgado, and he created the poster. We took some of those themes and incorporated them into the show.

SSB: Regicide is not your standard play. What was the process for creating this show? 

CS: Well, writing sketch comedy can be hard because there are so many ways to create it. Everyone in the group came from a different background and have had different experiences, so we kind of all started writing on our own to begin with. I prefer to collaborate, but in this particular process I had to focus much more on my writing and it actually helped me get to the core of the idea quicker. As you know, Fringe approaches quickly once you hear you’ve gotten a lottery spot! There are also enormous benefits to pitching the idea in a room before that and to having the other creators brainstorm on it. In this case, we all had to shift the way we work and it was exciting.

It was a great learning experience as it is our first revue as the group “Regicide“. We brought in Kerry Griffin (current Second City mainstage director) to direct the show after we had a ton of material to show him and then he shaped it.

SSB: What’s it like working with Kerry Griffin? 

CS: Kerry is a great director and great guy. He doesn’t come in with any pre-conceived notions of the show or what he wants to see from the group. He reads the room, sees where our strengths lie and goes from there. He really allowed us to find our voices and then you can see him start to put a show together. He has great instincts and such an amazing sense of humour.

SSB: There are sooo many plays in the Fringe. What sets Regicide apart? 

CS: There are going to be so many good shows! Everyone has their preference in types of comedy and what they look for in a theatrical experience. If you’re looking for topical, creative, fun and (on occasion) thought provoking; then see our show. Personally, I like to use sketch comedy as a way to hold a mirror up to society and speak about concepts or topics that move/interest me. Sometimes we need to have a discourse about some things through the guise of a comedy show for us to know it’s okay to laugh about something. Or at the very least, have us start asking questions. I hope that makes sense. Sometimes comedy can tug at your heartstrings or punch you in the gut! That’s the kind of thing I’m interested in!

SSB: How was the team assembled? Did you know each other beforehand? 

CS: We all met in the Second City Conservatory program and here we are. We had some great people work with us. They run a great establishment there at the Second City.

SSB: Describe the show in 5 words.

CS: Ups. Downs. Keyboard. Dance. Millennials.

SSB: Who’s the one person you’d want to see this show? (Could be anyone alive, dead…)

CS: Well… since you said “could be anyone alive, dead….”, the ellipses made me think that I have to pick Tupac. No one knows either way if he’s alive or dead. I’d like the rumours to stop with us, here, at the Regicide show. He is now obligated to come see the show, one way or another. Gotcha Tupac!


regicide poster


Where: Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse, 79 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario


July 01 at 08:15 PM
July 04 at 07:30 PM
July 06 at 05:00 PM
July 07 at 03:00 PM
July 09 at 12:15 PM
July 10 at 09:15 PM
July 11 at 03:30 PM

Connect with them:

Christian Smith – Writer/Performer    @ChristianVSmith

Sam Roulston – Writer/Performer      @SamWRoulston

Emma Davey – Writer/Performer       @TheEmmaJames

Gina Phillips – Writer/Performer         @GinaPhillips

Carson Gale – Writer/Performer         @Carson_Gale

Pete DeCourcy – Writer/Performer     @PeteDeCourcy

Kerry Griffin – Director                        @Kerry_Griffin

Nicola Dempsey – Musical Director

Georgia Brown – Stage Manager

Raul Delgado – Poster Design

Connect with us:

Shaina Silver-Baird – Writer             @SSilverBaird

In the Greenroom                            @intheGreenRoom_



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