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Thom Huhtala on his new album ‘Mercury’ and Whiskey Wednesdays

Mercury's album covered shot by Lara Kruzins

As the New Year approaches, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how 2011 went down with singer/songwriter Thom Huhtala. “2011 was a very good year for me. It was this past year that I really started playing a lot around Toronto.” Thom, an original Dundas resident, released two EP’s this past year, one called Roland Hunter and the second titled Braindead. Roland Hunter  was recorded when Thom was in Halifax. The album is an amalgamation of 6 months of work. Braindead was made shortly after Thom moved to Toronto and met drummer Bryan Goman who he eventually collaborated with. “A lot of the songs we recorded at a jam session one night at 3am in one take. Now I’m starting to plan out my albums over time.”

Thom moved to Toronto this past June and felt very comfortable with Toronto’s music scene. “I feel that there is a lot more exposure in Toronto. It’s not the same as Halifax. There are a lot of people here and they just seem ready for music. There’s no where else I’d want to play music in Canada.”

Thom is currently working on his first LP entitled Mercury. “The album is a little dark. It’s still a work in progress and it’s coming together slowly. I’m not sure how to describe it’s atmosphere but it comes from a weird place.” The songs on this album are more structured with compositional pieces such as Riverside blues and Forty dollars to Dundas.

With his new album in the works, Thom has already promised a headlining show at Lee’s Palace on January 5th 2012. He was also recently offered a residency at Motel at Queen and Dufferin every Wednesday starting January 18th. Thom will be playing two sets, one consisting more of original Thom Huhtala Material, and the second will play from 1am-2am. It will be similar to an open concept blues jam with some poetry and heavy improvisation. “I think that the feel were trying to achieve is that of an old speak easy,” says Thom. “The blues have always meant a lot to me, and I think they couple with whiskey very well.” The owner of Motel, Danny Graves has promised $4 whiskey drinks and $5 premiums every Wednesday.

Thom is planning on releasing “Mercury” in early 2012.

To hear Thom’s music go to or click on for more info.

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