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Inspiration – Take Care of Yourself

I wanted to share some thoughts with you from The Actor’s Survival Kit by Miriam Newhouse and Peter Messaline on taking care of yourself.

But first a thought from me, Hallie. It may be something you have heard many times but is always worth repeating: Classes are always out there to keep yourself working on something. If you can’t afford to take classes, take on the challenge of trying to motivate yourself to stretch, read, sing, dance, write, draw, breath… treat your body and mind with kindness.

And now from The Actor’s Survival Kit  by Miriam Newhouse and Peter Messaline:

“One of the few advantages of an acting career is that there is no mandatory retirement. As long as there is breath in your body, strength in your limbs, and a neuron or two in your brain you can continue. But once your wind has gone, your limbs are wracked, and your brain is fried, you’re finished […]

Read the rest of this post in The Vision Board

And watch this to get inspired!


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