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Job Posting: Producer for FAWN Opera Company

FAWN, a new music and opera company for emerging artists, is seeking a Producer to aid the Artistic Director and Founder in the operation of the upcoming 2012-13 season of one act operas and concerts. FAWN focuses on  emerging artists, and produces musical work that has either rarely or neverbeen produced, and to draw the attention of young adult audiences.  The season is a mix of new classical music concerts, featuring multiple composers, and one act operas commissioned by FAWN. All positions in the company are unpaid at the moment, though one of the many goals of the position is to help FAWN gain financial stability. The chosen candidate will also be given the title of Co-Founder, as this person will work in collaboration with the Artistic Director and Founder to develop FAWN into a self sustaining company.

In partnership with the Artistic Director and Founder, the Producer will:

• manage the financial aspects of the company

• aid the artist director in fundraising.

• develop a marketing and advertising strategy for the upcoming season and individual events.

• scout out new, interesting and affordable performance venues.

• discover emerging talent to be part of the creative team for specific productions.

• research grants and construct proposals

• understand the legal responsibilities of the organization.


• Strong interest in musical and theatrical creation projects.

• Experience in arts administration.

• Experience in marketing and advertising.

• Detail oriented and strong organizational skills

• Integrated in the new music/opera, or theatre communities in Toronto.

• Eager to be part of the development of a young company.

• Supportive of emerging artists.

• Understanding of young adult audiences (ages 20-35).

Please send your CV and letter of intent to:

Amanda Smith Artistic Director and Founder FAWN

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