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Video Art Funhouse Necropolis a Must-See

By Andrea Leigh Pelletier

As any of my friends will tell you, I am a huge proponent of video art. I fell into it by accident in my final year as photography major. It was a new experience that allowed my mind to explore new forms of visual expression. Then it became a habit—I was filming my friends while they slept, and myself, alone in my apartment. Perhaps my love of video art was born out of my exhaustion with still images, and an inner yearning for a new experience. I started playing with projection and installation; it became my goal to not only produce a visual piece of art, but an immersive, all-encompassing world in which to experience this art.

With still images, I sometimes feel as though “the jig is up,” DSLRs are now commonplace and even your kid brother knows his way around Photoshop. Photographic images have saturated our world like never before because the everyday person understands their construction more thoroughly.

Installation-based video art pulls us in to an ever-changing audio-visual world, not only presenting us with beautiful and enigmatic imagery, but also surrounding us in the world of that imagery. Have I sold you yet? Good. Because right now in Toronto, there is a show I need you to see.

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